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You agree to our Terms and Conditions as a merchant to host your business profile on www.birdseyeshopper.co.uk, these terms and conditions also apply to any deals you place on our www.birdseyedeals.co.uk website and associated platforms.


You must have exclusive rights to all media in the form of images or videos that you supply to us that is to be used as part of your profile on our websites. All materials used must be copyrighted. Infringement of any copyrighted materials supplied by you to us shall be solely your responsibility. We reserve the right to remove any such material brought to our attention infringing copyrights of another.

We are a hosting platform

Our websites Including this one are to be used as a means of a platform (which also applies to any online applications on any form of mobile devices) to host your business profile and special deals. Where we and our associated affiliates, merchant, sellers and any other third parties can list offers and deals on products and services. As a platform provider, we help facilitate transactions for items and services. We are never the seller or the buyer we simply provide a venue for sellers to negotiate and complete transactions. In addition to this agreement you will have other contractual relationship with your buyers with different legal entities when interacting through this site.


All deliveries, delivery related costs and delivery transactions shall be the seller's sole responsibility with any buyers (buyers through this site).


Product Exchanges, Faulty Goods Refunds Services Rendered Disputes

Any product exchanges, faulty goods, refunds, services rendered issues shall be the merchant's ( product sellers and service providers) sole obligation to resolve with users and buyers of this site and that you agree to never hold us liable for any of the above issues or relating to.


Your responsibility

It is your responsibility as a seller or service provider to ensure you qualify to meet the current industry standards required to provide the service in hand and that you have the necessary certifications and skills required to carry out the job and are fully insured to undertake that job.


Merchant Sign Up Contractual Agreement between merchants and www.birdseyeshopper.co.uk and its associated websites and affiliates.


By signing up as a merchant on www.birdseyeshopper.co.uk and its associated platforms you agree to the payment terms applicable to each specified payment plan based on a 12 month scheme, plan payments to be paid monthly via a bank standing order and the attached commission percentage structure to be deducted at the time of sale of each coupon and remittance of the balance to be held in our bank account until you submit your redeemed coupon confirmation via your merchant account administration panel. This balance will be paid into your Bank or PayPal account after satisfactory sale. Cancellation of this agreement would incur an admin charge of £30.00. Any refunds made must be reported to us within 48 hours in order to recover the commission deducted by us on that sale.

By ticking this box you agree to abide by our terms and conditions as stated.